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Who is telling our stories?

I did ask and no one had the answer.. So the first question I asked was; So what is her name, everyone just said ‘Gogo’ in what sounded like unison..

Gogo has mother 7 children of her own and about 20 in her home, of which she raised as her own too..
She is one beautiful soul living on close to nothing, but making sure that everyone is fed and at least has a blanket on cold nights.

Apparently if you get to Kliptown and ask them to take you to Gogo, they will take you to this very lady..

- Gogo: translates to Grand mother..

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So during the month of September, I’ll be running a photoshoot special at the unbelievable price of 1800 RANDELAS!!!

Start making your bookings now, to ensure that you don’t miss out!!

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So I met Alasdair, one of the representative for UNAIDS 

What an awesome guy, championing a cause that touches each and every one of us directly and indirectly..

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This is @jamesbyjames pretty rad oke, who is based in Australia.. His feed is something worth checking out, definitely deserves more followers!! 

PS: James I wish you posted more frequently my boi!!

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Then the alien spacecraft descended on us and as they left @alessiolr yelled out: “Take me with you, please!”

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This seems to be happen a lot lately, where I’m finding faces in everything.. Could this mean that I’m becoming a kid again, because if that’s the reason, I can’t wait 🙆

Can you see face of the legendary Transformer Optimus Prime?

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Meet Scorpio, my former favourite childhood hero of Mortal Kombat fame… Wen he pulled a double bird at me giving @jamesbyjames devil horns, my heart was shattered :(

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Good morning 🚀 Lift off

There is something so magical about Ponte’s core, she looks like a spaceship from an intergalactic mission.

How is my imagination on overdrive this early in the morning?
I pray I never lose this part of me to adult responsibilities… Whatever you do, Never grow up!!


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