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Happy birthday @janbraai

We arrived in Addo earlier and the weather was sweltering hot, so a few of us decided to go for a swim and mellow out for a bit..

This is prods only the first time on this trip where I feel like I’m on holiday (lol) most days we get to the campsite and immediately have to start a fire, today we had some downtime by the pool..

[Oh sidenote]
It just started drizzling and our fire is not up yet…

Photo cred: @timvanrooyen #braaitour #braailife #braaimob #LLWSmokes (at cooktown)
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Currently on #braaitour ‘s stage 5 at Mountain Zebra national park, woke up to a bit of rain and thunder this morning…
So my awesome production team #braaimob came up with this rad idea of capturing our beautiful flag through the sunroof of the @Hyundai_sa Santa Fe 

#travel #roadtrip #southafrica  (at Mountain Zebra National Park)
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• S U N S E T S  I N  T H E  W I L D •

I’m really enjoying all this nature that @southafrica has.. If you ever get the chance, do yourself the favour and @meetsouthafrica 

#BraaiMOB #braaitour #sunset (at Mountain Zebra National Park)
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• G A R I E P   D A M •

this week myself and @roywrench are roadtripping thru SA, on an epic #braaitour adventure - view all the #BraaiMOB action & our shots from the road, driven by @HyundaiSA

#braailife #braaitour #travel (at Gariep Dam Wall)
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Thank you @zenography for the nomination..

20 random facts about me

1. I have two younger sisters whom I love to bits!
2. I believe that water + sleep curse EVERYTHING 
3. I have a German 2nd name
4. Very few things make me happier than making music, I wrote my first verse in 1999 and made my first beat in 2002
5. I was a fat kid right up until I hit 15
6. I used to sing soprano and my voice only broke when I was 17
8. My mother died when I was 19 to Cancer
9. If I can be half the man my father is, I will have achieved in life
10. Money is not thee most important thing in the world, but it’s right up there next to oxygen.
11. I have the amazing gift of talking myself into trouble
12. I only answer to one woman @lulamawolf so the rest of you can take a seat thank you..
13. When my mother passed I tried googling her and it was though she never existed
14. I love travelling, but I just don’t do enough of it
15. I’m releasing my debut album soon titled: “Swimming Practise”
Part of a music trio called @CameraShyGuys
16. I only have tattoos my left arm and leg, because my mother was left handed
17. One of my biggest fears is talking in front of people, I consciously do it because I refuse to be consumed by it.
18. When I die, I pray to God I did enough to be remember.. I’m not asking for a street name, I hope I touched someone’s life so positively they name their child after me.
19. I have 20million ideas, but I lack the follow through.. I’m currently learning how to see things through.
20. Funny thing is, I’m actually not funny at all!

I nominate @vthevowel @ayandapatrick @ozjustwarm @dumanikhuzwayo @i_kmalone @justzweli @mooshtaffa and @lulamawolf  (at home)
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If you do not know who these claws belong to, I’m afraid you will be one of the first million people in the world to die when the zombie apocalypse finally hits!!!

These claws are the reason we have such amazing #portraits on @instagram 
Please go checkout @zenography and you will see what I mean, once you’ve done that… Come back here to thank me😛

#AroundNewtown #hands #tattoos  (at Joburg City)
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I look at Mondays like this sometimes… 

Met this stylish individual at the #AroundNewtown instameet only realised while editing this image, that her and the wall had a thing going on.. Complimentary colours!

Very cool seeing some old faces and meeting some new ones!! Thank you @igersjozi 

#makeportaits #smile #fashion (at Bassline JHB Newtown)
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Meet @vthevowel he is 1/3 of the ‘band’ I’m part of called @camerashyguys 

One of the funniest guys I know and an epic keyboardist, he can also play the Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone, Flute, alto Sax and is starting guitar lessons next week…

If you’re ever looking for him, try Tinder 😂

#makeportraits #streetphotography #iphoneonly #iphoneographysa (at Braamfontein Centre)
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