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Thank God It’s Friday and thank God friends new and old..

This is an image of myself and @dakumar in #India for the #instameetladakh
Awesome memories were made and life long friendships were forged through @instagram 

Photo cred: @kooljatt 
#travel #worldtravel #friday #tgif (at Yousmak Forest, India)
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The greatest slaver that ever lived is the human mind, we are often held captive by our own insecurities.
Believe in your abilities and stay true to who you are… 

Remember, the grass is only greener on the other side, because of all the sh*t (manure) on it.

#art #abstract #Tuesday (at Johannesburg City Central)
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Best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice you give to others.

I often give very sound advice, that I should also be adhering to myself… Most of us won’t admit when we need a little bot of guidance and that is why some of us reach a ceiling that we can’t surpass.
Take advice as well as you give it.

I tend to tell people to post what they want on Instagram, so long as they are able to proudly own that image.

#abstract #art #Monday (at Bryanston, Sandton)
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Sometimes I’m tempted to post some abstract shots… Then I think, what if they don’t like it.. I’m quickly reminded by a small voice in my head saying: “if you do it for others, you can never make yourself happy and you will die unfulfilled.”

#sunday #abstract #iphoneographysa
 (at Joburg City)
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The best part of waking up is, hitting the snooze button.

10… more… minutes

Today, I would like you to humble yourself and give back 67minutes of your day to someone who needs you more than you’ll ever understand, it is about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and empathising… Don’t be different, be outstanding!

The meek shall not inherit the earth.

Thank you @JohnnieWalkerSA for a lovely evening of #meetyourmatchsa 
[Her eyes draw you in, don’t they?]
 (at Nelson Mandela Bridge,Johannesburg)
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My date tonight 😍 isn’t she lovely? 

Model: @lulamawolf 
#meetyourmatchsa @johnnieWalkerSA (at Nelson Mandela Bridge,Johannesburg)
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It’s pretty funny when I come across people who misspell Desert, by turning it into a delicious Dessert.. I know you’re probably thinking I’m making this up, but it happens so often I’m surprised you haven’t come across it.

This is @mayur_malusare the “Dessert” bandit, you can find him perusing the baron dunes of Nubra valley (that’s if he is not in Mumbai)
Very cool guy, with a very documentative style feed based in Mumbai India.
Check him out!

#instameetladakh #india #incredibleindiaofficial  (at Nubra Valley, India)
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While you see hardship, they see home..
It is often very difficult to look beyond your current difficulties, but it only takes one moment to change it forever.

Always be ready for that defining moment, it may not present itself dressed in bells and whistles, it may not be shinny or attractive, it may not even have your name on it, but when it comes you will know that it belongs to you.

What I took away from these kids here was; Always be grateful for what you have, because at that moment, it is Everything that you can possibly have.

#instameetladakh #incredibleindiaofficial #travel  (at India)
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I feel as though we have seen the coldest days of winter for this year and this morning I woke up feeling like this guy right here; the Bactrian camel who was shedding cause of the change of season..
I know I just called ‘change of season’ prematurely, but today is slightly warmer than most days that we’ve had this winter, so allow me..

My body is still tender from this weekend, the amount of work that goes into ensuring that you have a quality product is phenomenal, I’m still smiling from #lesilovid shoot that we did.

Have a productive Monday wherever you may be in the world!! Be blessed, Be good, Be Kind!

#monday #instameetladakh #travel  (at Nubra Valley, India)
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If you ever found yourself right at the bottom of the financial pool and you needed a “quick” load, because you believe that you can pay it back within the allocated 2months… This is the one guy you don’t want to owe money to.

Ef-U-Pay-Me or get your knee caps redone.


#lesilovid #money #art #camerashyguys  (at Joburg City)
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Today we took on another music video, it was one hell of a cold morning.. Having to start at 06:00 with the climate sinking as low as -1’C I think the toughest thing about a Saturday morning call time, is the Friday night out and what happened this morning proved the notion a fact. Two of the models were a no show. But by the grace of God, the team that I had with me today was so phenomenal, A plan was made to replace them… I must add that I am so happy with the replacements, they really pulled out all the stops, out performing my expectations.

Thank you to you all who made the #LesiloVid possible and turned today into a delightful shoot.


Model: @amylinderts04
#art #cropthenstop #liveauthentic  (at Joburg City)
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